Decrease Support Tickets Drastically

Build scalable customer training in 10 minutes. Educate your customers and save up to $200,000 per year.
What makes us better

Next Gen Learning Platform

Reduce churn rate and support costs with an intuitive training builder.
Simple Course Builder
Intuitive and simple design makes it easy to create courses.
Huge Savings
Save up to $200,000 per year on customer support.
Suitable for All
Easily customizable for different company types.
Personal Automation
Same time investment for 100 and 100,000 trained customers.
Custom Branding
Convey your brand identity throughout the academy.
Advanced Analytics
Accumulate data and optimize your courses.

Empower your audience via online education

Become a thought leader and improve customer support via education.

Marketing of product or service

Become a thought leader and market your product or service
via education

Customer training

Improve your long-term relationships with customers by creating great learning experience

Partner education

Extend your business by
teaching partners and

Product onboarding

Create a pool of experts who know,
use and will advocate
for your product

Branded online academy

Build the academy to
share your

Your case next?

Explore how you can benefit from Marble to boost your customer success team

Customer Love

Hundreds of customers are already using Marble to create automated onboarding and training paths for their users.

“Marble is like an invisible layer that structures all our materials.
It takes minutes to curate bite-sized training.”
Fynn Mazurkiewicz
CEO, IT4Kids
“With Marble
we make training
more scalable”
Will Robinson
Head of Customer Success, Uniform
“Future of marketing and sales in educating the customers. That is why Marble is on an important mission here”
Jussi Wright
CEO, Ovobots

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