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Weather analytics software
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Weather analytics software

Problem: Lack of analytics, no data on how employees and customers learn.

Need: Internal & External training, analysis of the time learners spend on learning.

With Marble: Academy created and separated for internal and external training, providing advanced analytics and statistics on learners' experience.

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Websites Infrastructure SaaS

Problem: Too much time and cost on F-to-F customer training and inability to reach directly all of the customers.

Need: To put company's messages into a structured content way, providing better learner experience.

With Marble: Training for each partner is structured and personalized.

Websites infrastructure saas
IT Infrastructure for Automation
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IT Infrastructure for Automation

Problem: The software is very complex, including a lot of documentation and questions from the customers.

Need: To have all materials in one place in a structured and easy to learn manner.

With Marble: 10 micro-courses built, the customers are certified easily.

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Structured content

Create structured learning paths out materials spread over different sources


Track how your users and partners learn, adapt the content based on data and analytics

Reach to all team members

Replace your face-to-face meetings with a learning path accessed by everyone

Customer love

Our customers already use Marble to create automated onboarding and training paths for their users. See how it has helped them.

“Marble is like an invisible layer that structures all our materials. It takes minutes to curate bite-sized training.”
Fynn Mazurkiewicz
CEO, IT4Kids
With Marble we make training more scalable
Head of Customer Success, Uniform
Future of marketing and sales in educating the customers. That is why Marble is on an important mission here
Jussi Wright
CEO, Ovobots

Why we do it?

We believe that in the future every company will need to build online academy to educate their customer. It will be as essential as having the website in order to become a thought leader.

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