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July 21, 2021

Why to create video for customer training

The rapid growth in technologies couldn’t leave the preferences for consumed content untouched. In 2021, most people would rather prefer to watch a video than reading a long article. During the pandemic and because of the dramatic growth of TikTok, more than 80% of UK and US consumers claimed that they prefer to watch broadcasts, online videos, and streams. So businesses have to adapt their strategies accordingly to grab the attention of as many people as possible.

From a customer education point of view, video content can not only help you explain the features of your product or service but also show how they function in reality. It makes content consumption easier for your clients and builds stronger connections between the brand and the customer. Just like with hands-on experience, video content creates a link between a customer and a product and clients will be more likely to remember a certain item presented in the video. 60% of customers feel more positive about the company after they consumed content from it. Why not to use it with a cost-effective and easy tool that people will actually remember?

What would be cheaper to write a blog post or create an educational video? Surprisingly, video content creation often can be even cheaper than blogging. After adding all costs of ranking the content and reaching the audience, video content is more cost-effective than a well-written SEO text. Additionally, video is a long-term investment since it can be used over and over again for different purposes.

Video content performance can be easily tracked and analyzed. Comparing it with email-campaigns, it's not clear how many of your customers opened an email and when was the moment they lost interest and stopped reading it. Platforms for video publishing usually provide a lot of insights about your content, including total views and average watching time. This information can be used for marketing purposes as well as for adjusting customer education strategy by better understanding of your audience.

There are hundreds of types of video content and it's all about you being creative and experimenting with them. It is important to find an appropriate format that will be engaging with your audience and comfortable for them to watch. Should it be long or short videos? Screen recordings or camera filming? No rules, and that's what makes the video content such a unique tool for businesses. You can adjust your content and present it as you like while being sure that it will reach your customer. Many people would choose video instead of articles just because it can solve their problems faster.  

Think about providing your customers with real solutions which can solve their internal or external problems in the most efficient and fast way when creating content. Video as any other type of educational material should be helpful for clients to be successful. After identifying the pains of the target audience the business can create a very strong video strategy for customer education which can become a significant competitive advantage on the market. So many benefits and you still didn’t film your first video? Then now it's definitely the time 😉

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