November 12, 2021

Websummit 2021: results and ideas

Last week Marble took part in a big tech event Websummit in Lissbon. The event brought together over 42 000 participants from tech companies. Marble was one of those.

The opinions on Websummit are different: on one hand it is a too big event with the lack of focus and too different companies and people participating, thus making it hard to connect with others and learn valuable insights. On the other hand it is a great chance to meet a bunch of amazing professionals from all over the world. And we would like to share our story.

What have we got from Websummit?

  • great connections with people and companies
  • an opportunity to share our vision with others during Marble showcase
  • feedback on our concept 
  • connections with investors and funds
  • interviews with amazing companies such as Typeform and Mural about their vision on customer education and the future of the industry.

And what is important we have got lots of inspiration from people and companies from what they are doing, their passion to the ideas they are working on and had an opportunity to share our passion with others.

Are we going to come to Websummit next year? We haven’t decided yet. There are lots of great events organized during the year and Websummit is one of them for many participants.

Our founder and CEO, Iuliia, has pitched Marble vision at the showcase at Websummit. Check it out here. :)

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