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July 21, 2021

Top 5 engaging video types for customer training

Choosing the right format for your video content is an important step in building a content strategy. Each target audience is unique and business has to understand them first to make a perfect decision.

Though a strategy should be also analyzed and adjusted in the future and video educational materials shared with your customers can help even here.

There are many types of videos, in this article, we collected the most widely used ones in one list. Formats of the videos can be used together, separately or even combined with each other, like VR videos which are also animated. Be creative and find what your customer needs.

Screen recordings / Presentations

One of the fastest and easy to use types of video content is recordings of the device screen. It can be used for various purposes from showing functionality of an online service or web-site features to presentation of new products. The video can be made almost without additional preparations which can be quite useful if the content is needed urgently, for example, to catch a trend on YouTube while videos on a certain topic are popular. It is cheap compared to VR or animation but screen recordings very often can look unprofessional. Putting more effort in production and adding engaging ideas to the video can help to avoid it.

Camera recordings

Camera recordings are usually used with the involvement of a person who is explaining something in front of a camera. It can also be a recording with a visual presentation of a product, for instance, video from an event where the product is presented or from a production showing different stages of a product cycle. Camera recordings can drive more attention to your videos and add trust to the words said in them. The montage, though, should be dynamic and the message should be delivered very clear to the consumer. The price for this type of content might be a disadvantage since equipment like camera, studio, and editing team is required.

Animation / Doodlening

Might be one of the most underrated and expensive types of videos. It depends on what kind of an animation you are using but good content might require a lot of time and resources. Though, if applied right, animation can bring an extraordinary success to your videos. It's a great way to show how tricky processes work, explain difficult concepts and sell the product. Animation is customizable and can be used for various purposes in your video content strategy.


Interviews are usually used to show an expert opinion on something or discuss a certain topic with the experienced person in the field. It can be a person from inside or outside of a company and even a customer! Interview is usually longer than normal videos and can last up to 2 hours or more. It all depends on your audience and the difficulty of the discussed topic. Interviews can generate enormous value to the brand by showing the level of the expertise to the customers and creating trustworthy relationships with them.

Live streams

One of the most engaging and popular types of video content is live streams. On nearly any video platform in 2021 it’s possible to broadcast in real time and chat with the audience. Covid-19 and quarantine made those videos extremely popular and demanding, that's why live interaction with the customer gives a huge competitive advantage to the brand in 2021. Price for those videos depends only on their purposes; streams can be broadcasted even without a camera or computer, just from a mobile device which makes it affordable to nearly everyone.

So many types of content and only your decision which one to choose. In Marble you can add any type of a video to your course to make sure that your customers get the most out of it. Think about things that really matter to your educational strategy while Marble will provide your customers a smooth learning experience.

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