November 29, 2021

Marble is in top50 EdTech Nordic-Baltic companies

HolonIQ has since 2018 created solutions to power decision-making processes in vital world’s spheres like education, healthcare, and sustainability. Identifying efficient and promising units in them influences the economy of the region. By working with the HolonIQ software and Intelligence team, as well as market experts, lists of the most promising startups in the particular region are defined. 

Annual report on most promising EdTech startups in Nordic-Baltic region 2021 included Marble! We are pleased to be mentioned by the organization with a great mission of helping the world. We are glad to support education for everyone worldwide. 

Data for the report was collected from Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. More than 1500 companies participated and were evaluated. HolonIQ graphs show that the amount of Digital Learning companies increased by 6% while all other spheres (besides workforce and skills) dropped. 

Finland and Sweden make half of the 2021 businesses that participated in the research. Finland takes 20% of it, while Sweden is 30%. Marble is glad to become a part of Finland’s business systems and support the economic growth of the country. 

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