August 5, 2021

Customer-communication principles in 2021

There is no doubt that a year ago no one could even predict how strong the new resperotorical disease will change the lives of each of us. Face-to-face communication was the core of human’s interaction as well as a part of many customer education strategies. Though, in 2019 everything changed and business had to adapt to the changes to still satisfy and engage with their customers. 

Owners nowadays can face such questions as: How to provide memorable experiences to the customers? How to build trust without offline events? How to engage efficiently and retain a loyal customer base? In this article we will answer those and identify the main principles of customer communication in 2021. 

Hands-on trial is one of the greatest examples of an experience which customers will remember and share. We already talked about the benefits of hands-on engagement in our previous article. Modern technologies are a great help when it comes to creation of a memorable experience online. Rapid development of the Internet opened many ways of interaction with the audience. Live streams, for example, became more popular than ever during the pandemic and many influencers started to use it to interact with followers in real time. This tool can become a solid part of a customer educational strategy by showing the functionality of a product or answering questions of the audience in live format. 

Another example of an online hands-on experience is Gucci AR app with different sneakers to try on. Choosing shoes is now more like a fun online game and the brand can only benefit from it. It will easily attract a lot of new customers who want to try out Gucci shoes and educate the old ones about different models existing on the brand's shelves.  

Another principle of effective customer communication in 2021 is fast customer service. Nothing can build trust more than a reliable partner to work with. Let your customers know that they can be heard and understood at any time they interact with your brand. Make customer service available on popular platforms, for example, in Instagram direct messages or other services your customers tend to visit. These will for sure spread a good word about your product as well as move you closer to the customers. 

Emails are still one of the most common ways to interact with customer bases. To engage and retain a loyal email base brands can create personalized campaigns for different groups of customers. Bulk emails can still be efficient for companies, though, personalization and tailored solutions are now more attractive. It is a good idea to look through your email base and contact those who didn’t respond to you in a long time, as well as clean those who ignored all messages. Then, creating personalized emails for customers based on local events, holidays, and preferences will likely increase the rates of open letters. 

Main principles of customer communication changed its form in 2021, though the core is still the same. Customers still value speed of service, empathy and tailored solutions. Brands have to adapt as fast as possible to be successful on the market because customers have a wide spectrum of options to choose from. Efficient companies are taking advantage of the rapid changes and paying attention to the customers' needs to create new unique ways of communication with them. 

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