September 9, 2021

CMS vs. LMS - choose wisely

Are you planning to start your online learning journey? The first question to ask is where to post your content? As in almost any other subject it all depends on your goals. In today’s article we will talk about two management content systems so you can align it with your plan and choose your option.  

CMS - Content Management System

Have you ever designed a Tumblr blog? If yes, congratulations! You already have experience working with CMS. Basically, it is the system that allows you to design your own space with any desired material. Tumblr is an example of a very simple CMS with limited functionality. In more advanced CM systems you can create anything from blog to pdf-materials gallery. One small thing... you have to set up the space by yourself. Which includes designing, programming, creating content and then distributing it to the customers.

A hell of a lot of work, right? It is. Though, everything depends on your goals and opportunities. If you have a whole team of professionals ready to make this, nothing stops you. 

CMS is perfect for complex specific needs. One of the most important differences with LMS is the interactivity of content. CMS is used for learning which does not require any interaction, like blog article. LMS’s in its term involve a learner in the process with quizzes or notifications, for instance. 

As a result of creating CMS, you get a customizable platform to share your educational materials with the customers. 

LMS - Learning Management System

In contrast, Learning Management Systems are predesigned spaces for customer or employee education. Companies are responsible for creating a platform to post content and interact with the users. The level of customization varies from one LMS to another. Usually all standard features, like video tutorials,  articles and quizzes are available. Each LMS, though, has its own distinctive feature to stand out on the market.


Main difference between CMS and LMS is the interaction with learners. In CMS people can check educational content which do not require further interaction. LMS are designed to engage with your learners and give both of you feedback. 

In terms of costs, CMS might seem cheaper because you don’t have a subscription fee. The reality is, initial costs to launch CMS are equal to one-two years of using LMS. Of course it depends on which LMS you choose and what resources you already have to launch a CMS. 

Identify what is important for you on your educational journey. Is it statistics and interaction or customization? Based on your purposes you can decide which solution will work better for you.

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