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July 20, 2021

20 customer training benefits to sales, marketing and operations

So many companies invest millions in customer education, but why? What are the reasons for customer training in 2021 and would this investment be beneficial?

The short answer is: yes. Investments in customer training always bring more than they take from your business. Educating customers contributes to the whole customer journey and to many, if not all, company functions.

Benefits of customer training for Sales

Complex products sales

Especially for the B2B sphere it might be challenging to explain your product to the customer. That’s why training is your chance to show product features and explain the purpose of your business.

Drive revenue

Internal training and customer education differ a lot in terms of driven revenue. Customer education shares the information about the product to external users who directly affect your sales.

Shorten sales cycle

Customer education delivers information about your product to the customer before the purchase. A good educational strategy can drive conversion rates faster and shorten the sales cycle.

Explain product’s new features

Educating your customers is a way to tell them about new features your product has. This is highly useful for companies with complex and innovative products when the core of the business is hard to understand.

Sales through partners

Train your partners and distributors and create your product’s advocates, who will sell your product on your behalf. When investing into educating your channel partners, you create a pool of experts, who will know how to use your product at its best.

Builds trust/ connection

A trustworthy brand always has higher numbers of repurchases and loyal customers. Ask yourself, would you give 1000$ to a company that you don’t trust? More likely, no. Therefore, a trustworthy brand assures new clients that investments that they’ve made will be safe with your business.

Benefits of customer training to Marketing

Increase promotion campaigns impact

Customer education programs can complement your content marketing campaigns, increase awareness among the audience and build up your market share.

Sound as an expert and customer advisor in your industry

Put your message in a new form and become a guide for your customer helping him to  become more knowledgeable about the product. The customer feels involvement and cares from the brand and more likely will stick with it.  

More website traffic

No secret that well-written SEO texts for your blog can bring new traffic to the website. Though, remember that the main goal is to produce value and knowledge for your customers.

Increased brand value

Apple is the best example of how a good system of customer education can influence your brand value. It’s a great competitive advantage on the market that will differentiate you from those who don’t invest in customers and give your brand more value in the eyes of investors, suppliers, and clients.


Would you recommend a product to your friend if you were satisfied with the customer service? Customer education boosts satisfaction of product or service so more customers would like to share information about your business with people around them.

Benefits of customer training for Business Operations

More knowledgeable customer base

Knowledge is power, when you increase awareness of your customers on products and services it’s easier to introduce new complex features to the market later on. Also, customers will know what might be competitors limitations and clarify reasons to choose you. For example, there are some sensitive topics like investment, the online banking systems struggle to make their customers invest and do it right. So they need to educate them on how to do it.

Better customer support

When customers know how the product works, it’s easier for them to identify the problem and solve it by themselves. Fewer customers will call your support to solve common problems so this department could focus on bigger customer’s issues and solve them.

Improved customer satisfaction

When you educate your customers it’s much easier to tell them about all the features that your product has. Some of them they might not even know before, you are here to educate them so they have a smooth user experience without facing problems in the early stages.

Customer loyalty

When you educate your customers you create value for them. It is important for every human being to be heard and understood. With education programs you show your customers their importance, so more and more people would like to stick with your brand longer instead of looking for alternatives on the market.

Customer engagement

Training creates a space for discussions, questions, ideas, and feedback. When you invite your customer to the educational courses, you give them a possibility to share their opinion, which is itself very valuable for any business. It also builds trust and customers are more likely to engage with a brand that they can trust.  

Enhanced customer journey and onboarding

By providing support not only before and during the purchasing process but also after the purchase, you serve customers with an amazing experience that can differentiate you from other companies. Customer education creates automatic onboarding and enhances your customer journey.

Keep connected with your customers

When a new product release is coming or a new feature is introduced, customer education is a great way to let your customers know about it.

Customer maturity

Matured customers can use your product in more advanced ways. It enhances product adoption and customers see the long-term value of your product, as well as start to use your product faster.

More touchpoints with customers

A touchpoint is any way how the customer interacts with your business, a well-developed touchpoint can significantly boost awareness of your brand. Through publishing your content on different channels, the number of touchpoints with your potential customers increases rapidly and creates a better user experience.

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