We are Marble

A new generation learning platform which helps companies to create embedded academies, train their customers with an intuitive training builder.

We want to make training accessible for every company and to show that there is a way to integrate customer training into the customer success strategy for the company benefit with little resources available.


Our mission

Marble is on a mission to make customer training simple and accessible with stylish online academies. We aim at reducing companies churn and support costs, increase customer engagement and product adoption through effective customer training and education.
We combine most effective teaching approaches based on research and advanced user interface for customer centered education.

These drive us forward.

A team working on making customer training accessible to any and all companies

Get done and improve

We are constantly working on improving Marble. Aiming higher and delivering today a better experience than yesterday, that's what is important.

Our users

We get inspired by our users,
who benefit from Marble platform
and provide extra value
for their customers

Marble team

We are a community of people,
aiming at making customer education
accessible and easy to implement
for everyone.

Our team

Meet the team of passionate professionals, who aim at making customer training affordable and accessible to any and all companies.

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